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How to match circuit breakers


As an AI language model, I don't have the physical capability of performing tasks like matching circuit breakers. But I can give you some information on how to match circuit breakers.


Matching circuit breakers means ensuring that the circuit breaker you are choosing is compatible with the electrical panel and the circuit it is intended to protect. Here are steps you can take:

1. Determine the panel's manufacturer and model number.

2. Check the panel's label to see the acceptable current rating for the breakers.

3. Determine the correct voltage rating for the circuit and make sure the breaker you choose meets this requirement.

4. Choose a breaker with the correct amperage rating for the circuit. This must match the amperage rating of the wire it is protecting.

5. Look for a breaker with a compatible type (such as standard, GFCI, or AFCI) if required by code.

6. If you are unsure or do not have experience, consult a licensed electrician to ensure proper matching and installation.

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