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Schneider Electric distributor -- Rongsheng Anda (Beijing) Electrical Equipment Co., LTD., founded on January 16, 2017, is located at No. 18-D2533, Jianshe Road, Kaixuan Street, Liangxiang Town, Fangshan District, Beijing. Our main business is high and low voltage electrical equipment. The products cover air switch, air switch circuit breaker contactor, switching power supply, heat relay frequency converter, relay, switch, socket UPS uninterruptible power supply surge protector, voltage regulator, surge protection device, soft starter, sensor, temperature controller, indicator light, fuse, distribution cabinet, switchboard, alarm, transformer, coadjutor, transmitter and other products wholesale. Hebei Rongsheng Anda is Schneider Electric authorized distributor, Rongsheng Anda (Beijing) Electrical Equipment Co., LTD Consulting telephone: 18510313932

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